To Wash or Not to Wash... That is the Question

I know there is the great debate on whether or not to prewash fabrics before cutting and sewing them into a quilt. This is NOT that question. I'm lazy and take my chances and don't prewash my fabrics.

No, my question has to do with a completed quilt this is going to be a gift for someone else. During the past year I've made a lot of smaller quilted gifts - placemats, table runners, and mug rugs. This evening I finished my 3rd quilt. Many of you more experienced quilters are probably laughing since you've probably lost count of the number of quilts you made - but for me the Brown Bear quilt is only the 3rd one I've made. And it's a special gift for someone (more on that in another post). Having never gifted a quilt to someone before, I'm not sure if I wash it first myself so that it crinkles up nicely or if I let them wash it. Regardless of who washes it, a couple of color catchers will be accompanying it through the washing machine just to be safe.

So, should I wash my quilt before I gift it or not?


  1. I always always always wash my quilts as soon as they are done. I just love the way they feel after they have had one good tumble through the wash/dryer. :)

  2. Still to complete my first quilt but having hand quilted my stack and slash yesterday I will have to be washed, seem to have had problems with pricked fingers! No tumble dryer like the above comment so it will just have to dry naturally

  3. I won't laugh.. I have only given away two actual quilts. One to my mom last Christmas, and one to my mother in law. I did wash them both though as I wanted to be sure they are crinkley and soft. I don't wash the smaller gifts though like runners and such :)


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