Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Blogging Break

I've had so many other posts that I thought I'd be posting this month but this wasn't one of them. Unfortunately, I'll be taking a medically required blogging break -- a break from blogging as well as catching up on all the awesome blogs I follow. I basically need to stay off my computer as much as possible. I will still respond to emails and do enough to maintain the Stash Bee website, but for now I'll be laying low.

Thursday, May 04, 2017

May's Goal: School Gifts

It's that time of year - crunch time for the end of school. I have 4 weeks before the end of school and just yesterday I was informed that next week is teacher appreciation week. Why do they never put that on the school's calendar to give me a heads up about it?!

So my goal this month is to make some teacher gifts. His super amazing 1st-grade teacher will be getting a rope bowl accented with purple fabrics (her favorite color) that will be filled with all sorts of fun goodies like coffee and gift cards. She will also get a handmade zipper pouch.  So far, the only thing I've pulled are the fabrics for the pouch:

I'd also like to make either zipper pouches or small rope bowls for his secondary teachers - for a total of 3 more gifts - for music, PE, and art.  So that's a total of 5 gifts in all, but given that they're smaller, it's totally doable.

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