Monday, April 16, 2018

Outside My Comfort Zone

It's been a while since I've been pushed outside of my comfort zone. I'm working on a project for a coworker of mine. He's a huge fan of the University of Iowa football and he commissioned me to make a wallhanging with the Iowa Hawkeye logo. Other than that, he gave me complete freedom on what I wanted to do. This is what I have so far:

It's raw edge appliqué with satin stitching which is something I don't really enjoy doing but so far it's turning out well. I still have to stitch down the individual pieces that make up the hawk's face and then I'll have to decide what to do after that.  It's definitely a work in progress.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Quilt Inspector #2

It's been a stressful few weeks in our household. About 3 weeks ago we discovered that one of our fur-babies, Gideon, has cancer. He was always my big guy, a panther of a cat, not just in color but in size too, weighing in around 18 pounds. He was quiet but oh, so lovable and would lay on me in bed and give me nose kisses. 

He was also one to enjoy being near me in my sewing room, being dubbed quilt inspector #2.

On my niece's Pocketful of Posies quilt in 2015

Helping me to select fabrics for my most recent Take Wing mini

Despite our best efforts, there really isn't anything we can do other than keep him comfortable. The vets originally suggested amputation of his right hind leg but because the tumor was so large and high up on his leg, they would have also had to remove half of his pelvis and do radiation after the surgery. We just couldn't see putting him through something like that, when there's no guarantee that it would prolong his life all that much.

So, we're going to cherish every day that we have with this sweet, loving, boy until it's time to let him go.

Sleeping on his favorite pillow