Thursday, January 24, 2019

Quarterly Goals

So I missed the opportunity to participate in the link-up for the First Quarter of the 2019 Finish-A-Long, but that's not going to stop me from posting the things I hope to accomplish.

1) First up, is the quilt top that is currently on my long arm. I'm halfway done with it, just need to quilt most of the blue areas.

2) Next is my red and white quilt top.

I won these blocks from my local guild sometime last year and they've been put together for quite some time but I couldn't decide on a backing fabric. Now that I have the backing fabric, it's just a matter of piecing the backing and getting it quilted.

3) Last on the list is my StashBee blocks from 2018. I just finished piecing the top together this past weekend. I have a few possibilities for a backing for this one.

I guess with all of these projects I should probably buy some more batting.  😊

Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Great Purge of 2019

I'm not sure what started me on this path the other day but in opening up one of my scrap bins to find some fabric, I realized that I have saved every single scrap from the time I started quilting in 2012. Originally it was because I didn't have a stash to speak of, but eventually I'm sure it just became habit. I decided then and there that enough was enough and it was time to just get rid of all those tiny scraps and start fresh.

Over the last few days, I went through my clear shoe box bins for each color and got rid of all the small scraps that I know I would never realistically use. I also got rid of most of those edges that I cut off from squaring up quilts after they'd been long-armed. By the end of this afternoon this is the pile I had:

Now the question is - what do I do with these? I hate to just throw them away so I'm going to see if anyone in my guild wants them for anything. I think there are a few members who use scraps to make pet beds out of them and another guild member is known for making quilts with super tiny scraps (she won a 2018 QuiltCon award for her quilt Leftovers).  All I know is that I feel lighter somehow when I walk into my stash closet.

~ Diana

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Happy New Year

We rang in the New Year on a week-long Caribbean cruise and with the new year came... the PLAGUE. It started with me while on the last day of the cruise, then my son on the first day of school, and today my husband has been afflicted. Having the flu is not the most ideal way to start off the new year.  I had high hopes of starting a new exercise and sewing routine this week. Instead, it will be spent on the couch and catering to those sicker than I am (and catching up on some blog reading if I'm lucky).

~ Diana