Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Thank You For Your Comments!

I just wanted to say thank you if you've commented on my past few blog posts. I thought I had just lost all of my readers but upon further inspection of my blog, I did indeed, see that I have several comments. They just weren't getting emailed to me, hence, I can't respond to you unless I happen to have your address from a previous exchange.

Apparently, it's a known problem by Blogger and they're working to fix it. I added a secondary email to get notifications and that seemed to have worked but I'm not sure for how long.  Here's hoping that it gets resolved soon (if not already) and that it hasn't happened to you as well.

I promise, I haven't been ignoring you!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Charity Pet Quilts

In the few weeks before Gideon's passing, I made quite a few trips back and forth to the vet's office. My vet provides a boarding service for cats and while the cages are spacious and multi-tiered, there wasn't really anything cozy for them to lay on. The vet technician told me that sometimes the owners will bring a small blanket or something, but if they don't they will oftentimes put a towel in the cage for the kitties. 

Well, that just wouldn't do in my opinion.  Right there in the office, I pulled a tape measure out of my purse and asked if I could take the measurements of the bottom of the cage so that I could make some small pet quilts.  I had some larger panels of practice sandwiches just lying around from when I first got my longarm and cutting/binding them would be perfect.

I've gotten 3 done so far and can probably bind 4 others that are smaller but still useful. I'll be able to drop them off when I bring Oliver, Quilt Inspector #3, in for a checkup on his thyroid in just a few weeks.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Plaid Picnic Crib Quilt

Even though school is out and the summer break is in full swing, I'm still making sewing a priority. Do I manage it every day? No, but when I do get in my sewing room I make the time count. I'm really trying to get some of my WIPs finished up and really want to start one of the scrap projects from Kelly Young's book Stash Statement.

I finished this little project almost 2 weeks ago:

It was made from blocks that I started for the Quilters Planner 2016 Quilt Along but I never finished them. I guess the saying "Finished Is Better than Perfect" really is true in this case. Adding the borders to the blocks made it big enough for crib size and it was a really fast finish quilting an all-over loopy meander. Now the big question is... who's having a baby boy soon?

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Spring Sew-Jo

It's so great to be sewing again and of course, I got my sew-jo back 2 weeks before school lets out for summer. I started using a dry erase board to list all of my WIPs and projects that I need to make and seeing them all written down really helped to motivate me. Here are just a few of the projects that I'm actively working on:

Picnic Plaid Blocks
These blocks were part of the Picnic Plaid pattern in the 2016 Quilters' Planner. I started the 2016 sew along but never finished it. These blocks weren't even finished - there are more to them but I decided that they were good the way they were and decided on this layout.

Valentine Magic Pinwheels
I won these red and white magic pinwheel blocks at my local guild meeting in February. I made 6 more blocks to make it larger and now they're ready to be put together.

These are practice quilt sandwiches when I first got my long arm. Not knowing what to do with them, they've just been lying around on the floor in my sewing room. When my cat Gideon was sick and had a difficult time getting around, I brought them downstairs where we had hardwood floors and he took to sleeping on them in the various rooms. At the most recent trip to the vet, I got the measurements of their feline boarding cages and I'm going to cut them to size and bind them. It's not glamorous sewing but cats always love sleeping on quilts.

Here's hoping my sewing streak lasts!