Otterly Adorable

One of my absolute, favorite animals is the otter so imagine my excitement when my son's new school chose it as its mascot. Transferring to a new school is never easy for a kid, especially one on the spectrum who struggles with transitions and new situations, so when the new principal went above and beyond to make my son comfortable I knew that I wanted to do something special for her.

While taking my son on a private tour of the school, he noticed a small panel on the wall that looked similar to a breaker box. I don't remember the exact purpose of it, but I do know that she said she wanted to find something that she could hang above it that would hide it. That's all she had to say and I knew exactly what I wanted to make. Say hello to my little friend Emmett.

This is a paper pieced pattern from Juliet at The Tartan Kiwi, as part of her Woodland series of patterns. The principal couldn't wait to see the finished project and it's already hanging up in the front office.

Educators are such special people that I just love sewing for them.

~ Diana


  1. Such a thoughtful gift! I love otters, too. We have river otters here in Tennessee, also muskrats that look like otters when they are in the lake.

  2. So cute! When I saw the preview in Bloglovin I thought it said Wise, but I see now that it's the school abbreviation. What a great gift! And can I say that I love that your son's school mascot is an otter?! I feel like all the mascots here are the same 10 things.


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