Festival of Trees

Sometimes I struggle with how to quilt a top. I have an idea in my head of what I think I want and it gives me a mental block when I can't take that idea and make it a reality. This is one such quilt. This is the quilt that I designed for the Festival of Trees event at our local art museum. It will be auctioned off as part of a fundraiser. My original design had snowflakes interspersed among the trees but as you can see, most of the snowflakes were larger than the trees!

That meant coming up with Plan B - making a top and bottom border of snowflakes instead. But I was still determined to incorporate snowflakes falling between the trees with the quilting and that is what gave me such a mental block. No matter what I came up with, I just didn't like it. I finally had to just let my original concept idea go and look at the project with fresh eyes. And I have to admit - I'm glad I did because I LOVE how it turned out. The wintery snowy swirl design that I did adds so much wonderful texture!

And the snowflakes falling between the trees isn't completely off the table - my colleague still needs to add beads to all of the trees and she is going to see if she can find some larger snowflake beads!


  1. A couple of years ago I found some iron-on sparkly snowflakes at Michael's.

  2. The texture is fantastic, and I hope you can find some snowflake beads to add. :)

  3. The swirling snow looks fantastic!!!!! Sometimes stepping back from a plan is the best way to get fresh ideas--I had something similar happen with a project yesterday where the perfect solution just came to me, and it was something that hadn't even occurred to me before. This is absolutely beautiful, Diana!


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