Website Overhaul

It's about that time again - time for me to look at where I want to go with my quilting and blogging and make some changes to better suit my life. It's obvious to any of the readers that I still have left that I'm not blogging very often. My health first sidelined me and then life and quilting just became more of a priority.

That's why it's time for me to officially transition my website to reflect what my focus is - on professionally longarm quilting for others. I'll still blog occasionally, highlighting what I'm currently working on or a recent client finish but I want my longarm business to now be the main purpose of my website. So stay tuned as you'll see various changes over the next few days.

~ Diana


  1. Always nice to have another quilting resource. I look forward to seeing what you are doing for others.

  2. Excited to see more of your longarm work and your business!


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