Sunday, February 28, 2016

Moroccan Tiles - OMG Finish

I am super excited to share with you my completed quilt top flimsy for the Midnight Mystery Quilt Along. Because of my fabric choice (batiks), the block arrangement, and the addition of the diamond borders, it reminds me of the beautiful tile work found in Morocco. That's why I'm calling it "Moroccan Tiles."

This quilt top is huge coming in at 96" x 96." I was originally thinking that I would have someone long arm quilt it for me, but now I'm on the fence thinking I might want to try and do it myself on my Babylock Symphony. I've had a few friends in my quilt guild offer to let me learn how to long arm on their machines so I might take them up on it and then try and tackle this.

Finishing up the borders was my February goal for the One Monthly Goal project so I'll be linking up here. Having these monthly goals is really helping me to stay on task and get projects done.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sewing Machine Pad

Hooray for me, here is my February finish for the Bee, Myself, and I project.

It's a sewing machine pad with pockets to keep some of my most used tools right at hand. It was a super quick project and it also gave me the opportunity to try out a new machine binding technique that I learned on the Modern Quilt Studio's YouTube channel (here and here). Can I just say, I'm sold! I don't like hand sewing and have always bound my quilts by machine. This method is just so easy and you only have to sew around the quilt once so it's super fast too. All you need is this cute little tool - a bias tape maker.

After I trimmed down my pad, I had a large quilted scrap leftover. It's just too good not to use it for something else. Luckily, I have an idea. :)

This project was also one of the items on my Finish Along list for first quarter so double hooray!

Friday, February 05, 2016

New Pelmet Box Window Treatments

We've been in our house for almost 2 years now and I still didn't have any window treatments for  my dining room windows. They're such an unusual size (58" x 22") and anything I wanted would have to be special ordered and we all know that special order is equal to expensive. Given the position of our house, I didn't need anything functional, just decorative, and I really like how much light they allow into the house.

Last year, I made 2 sets of 96" long curtains for our living room.  Since our home has an open concept floor plan I decided to use the same fabric for both rooms. After scouring the internet for ideas I decided to try my hand at making these pelmet boxes.

They were very quick and easy to make and cost next to nothing. Hanging them was also very easy, using some small L brackets. What was the most challenging was trying to photograph them up on the windows!

All that light made for some challenging photos but you get the idea. Below is the matching set. Now I just need to decide if I want to try and make a long one for the sliding glass doors that exit out to our lanai.

This is another one of my finishes for my Q1 Finish Along Project. I'm making lots of progress on that list, which makes me happy.