Disappearing Pinwheels

It's been a while, but I finally made a finish just for me. I recently made a table runner for my cousin's wedding and I liked it so much that I ended up making 2 more! The bride's mother hired me to make one for her and I was already making one for myself. Luckily I had just enough fabric for both of them. Here is mine on my dining room buffet table:

It makes me smile every time I walk by and see it. Now if I could just find the perfect mirror that I keep envisioning in my mind to fill up that blank space on the wall.

~ Diana


  1. So pretty. I like your fall accents, too.

  2. That's the perfect size for your buffet! The colors are perfect "all year round" colors too!

  3. It's lovely, Diana! It looks fantastic on your buffet! Very classy and elegant.


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