A Wedding Table Runner

My cousin got married last weekend and I wanted to make her something for the house she and her husband are fixing up. Since I made a table runner for her sister a few years ago, I thought it only fitting that I make her one as well. After learning that she loves the farmhouse look, รก la Fixer Upper, I knew I chose the right pattern.

The pattern is called the Disappearing Pinwheel and it's a Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorial.

I have to admit that I loved this so much on my own table that I've decided to make another one just for me and the mother-of-the-bride has also commissioned me to make one for her as well.

~ Diana


  1. Love the table runner. Think I might have to make one for myself.

  2. Lovely. I gifted a table runner to grandson and his bride last week.

  3. So pretty! And these are fabulous colors. I'm sure it will be a treasured gift--and good for you for making one for yourself, too!


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