A Quarantine Finish

So it seems that I'm lucky if I post once a quarter now, but add a pandemic into the mix and it's a miracle at best. For the last 10 weeks, I think I spent all of 4 hours in my sewing room. 3 of those were spent making masks for my family and the last hour was to bind this quilt that had been sitting on my longarm frame since January.

 Now that it is summer break I hope that I'll get to sew some more than when I was forced to oversee distance learning for my 4th grader, but without any summer camps and the need to continue social distancing, I'm not holding my breath. Hope everyone else is sewing and safe.


  1. Congratulations on the finish and I hope that you find the time you want in your sewing room this summer. Be well!

  2. Congrats on a fabulous scrappy finish!!


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