Improv Piecing - It's Not For Everyone

As a relatively new quilter, I am still learning big lessons with each and every project that I make. Some lessons deal with the mechanics of quilting, like fabric, thread types, and fun tools of the trade. Other, sometimes bigger lessons, are about me as a quilter and what I like and dislike, what works for me and what doesn't. As I noted earlier, making scrappy log cabins didn't sit well with me so I remade them.

I finished my Accuracy Quilt back in October but I still didn't have a backing for it and it's almost February. Until now. I finally finished piecing it yesterday and I can't begin to tell you how painful it was for me. When making the quilt top the biggest thing I learned on that project is that I'm more accurate when I press my seams open. The biggest thing I learned with the back - I HATE improv piecing. Okay, hate is a strong word - let's just say that I'm not very good at it and it caused me way more stress than it probably should have. In my everyday life, I like order. I guess it makes sense that I like order in my quilts. Lesson learned!


  1. I know what you mean lol. I have tried something once and by the end I was sort of digging it but my poor daughter, bless her heart is way too anal retentive to hang with improv anything lol. Lesson learned :)

  2. and PS... I did scrappy log cabins last year for a stash buster quilt a long... I HATE it, hate it. I can't even look at it ... its still a top and I plan on doing nothing with it ever lol. Scrappy is just not for me so far either

  3. love the backing, I have been lazy so far on my crazwith no 2 blocks the same, have 2 tiny blocks but that has been put away till I have more very small scraps

  4. I think improv is something that comes with time. I don't know a single person that "loves" improve and is still new at their craft (any craft, not just quilting). The more I do it, the more I lean towards to just going with it.

    Of course, you may never like it and that's totally cool too! How boring would it be if we all loved doing the same things. :)


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