The 2014 New Year Sewalong

Wouldn't you know it, it's the first of the new year and I'm already adding more things to my list of projects I want to make this year. I've always thought log cabin quilt blocks were so cute and versatile and Caroline over at Sew Can She is hosting a sewalong that is too good to pass up. It's a project of your choosing using mini log cabin blocks that you'll make throughout the month of January. I think I'd like to make some placemats for our kitchen table and maybe a special placemat for my adorable tea pot that my brother's family got me for Christmas.

So if you're feeling up to, why not join me? It's already shaping up to be a fun group of quilters.

 photo coversquare_zps5d0586a6.jpg


  1. popped over and had a look looks interesting but feel a little unmotivated at the moment, will give it some thought.

  2. Love your fabrics especially the elephant one, so cute. I joined as soon as I saw it. It took me until today to choose my fabrics and have now started cutting out my blocks, I can't wait for the 8th Jan LOLLLL so found a tutorial and got a head start.


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