Playing Around in EQ7

The learning curve is huge for EQ7 and unfortunately there aren't any sort of formal classes you can take to speed up the learning. They have some basic videos included within the software and I've found some helpful videos online but I still have a lot to learn.  Here is the Christmas tree skirt that I was finally able to create. I had to basically draw the entire thing from scratch - I can't believe that they don't have a basic half square triangle block in the block library! (note: if someone knows if there IS one, please please, tell me where to find it!)

The other frustrating thing is that you can't keep the same block (the HST for example) with multiple color variations in your project. Basically that means that I had to create a HST block with the red/green and put those into all the right places and then modify the block to change the colors to green/red or green/gray etc. Creating this would have gone so much faster if I could have put the same block with different color variations into my project sketchbook all at once and then plugged it into the quilt layout.

Also, leave it to me to start with a project that isn't a traditional shape. I couldn't figure out how to create an octagonal quilt so the software thinks that this is a 8x8 rectangular quilt. The nice thing about getting this drawn in the program is that it gives me approximate yardage for each fabric. I just have to ignore the yardage info for the non-existent corner blocks.

Here is another quilt layout I was playing with - it's the one I intend to use for the Brown Bear baby quilt. This was SO much easier to do with the software. Quick too. Again, I like this because it gave me an estimate as to how much yardage I would need for each fabric. The various animals from the Brown Bear panel will go into each of the blank blocks.



  1. you are making headway on using your programme but it sounds very complicated, seems it is good at basic but you have flumoxed it with an an octagon. Do hope you get some help from other bloggers.

  2. I like what you done in EQ7. I too got EQ7 last summer and trying to learn a little here and there. There definitely is a lot to learn!! Do you know about this website that does tutorials on it

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience with EQ7. Make sure to show us the finished products as well. Looking forward to seeing the tree skirt. It looks good.


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