A Neat Trick for Insuring a Quarter-Inch Seam

I have a quarter-inch quilting presser foot for my sewing machine but I don't really like it. It is the type that has a guide attached to it:

It's not always accurate since the guide is a bit flexible. Also, the guide catches on exposed threads and can unravel them. This is particularly frustrating if I'm working with a fabric that frays easily. The other challenge with this presser foot is if I'm trying to sew across the center of a piece of fabric, like when sewing diagonally on a charm square to make half square triangles. I have to swap out presser feet.

A few weeks ago I learned about the Qtools Sewing Edge. It's a removable strip that you can put on your sewing machine to act as a guide for your fabric so that you'll get a nice quarter-inch seam (or scant quarter-inch depending upon where you place it). I thought it was a clever tool since it had a natural stickiness and could be easily moved. It reminded me of those car dashboard sticky pads that used to be popular before phones used bluetooth technology. That's when I realized that my husband had one that he didn't use anymore so I asked him if I could have it. Here's what I'm talking about:

I used my rotary cutter to square up the left edge (it had the slightest curve to it) but decided that it was a bit big for my sewing machine so I cut a small strip off the top like this:

I then positioned it on my sewing machine and tested my seam allowance on a scrap of fabric and voila! A perfect scant quarter inch seam!

I might end up making this into 2 strips - a small one to be placed on just the metal plate and one that will go on the white plastic part. I can't access the drawer that holds my presser feet unless I lift up the mat.

If you have one of these lying around definitely try this trick, you won't regret it!


  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog for a visit. You are an accomplished crafter and with some helpful tutorials. I wish I had learned to quilt as I live in a rural area where a number of the women have this hobby. Perhaps they'll share with classes sometime.

  2. this is a good tip for those who do not have a correct foot. Mine foot does not have the guide so works well but if I use my janome I would need to have a strip like this so will keep my eyes open for one

  3. that is an excellent idea! My foot is not a perfect seam either but I now know how far to move the needle to the right to get it there! lol

  4. I love your inexpensive ideas to utilize items you may have and if you need buy the items it's far less! Thank you so much...🙂

  5. Love your blog, and I especially love this idea!


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