My Mission, should I choose to accept it...

I'm not sure who I feel like more - Ethan Hunt from Mission Impossible (or maybe just that Brit from Dinner Impossible) or MacGuyver. I went to the thrift store this morning to find some things to make my son's pirate costume. Spending a whopping $6.68, here's what I came home with:

The white long sleeve shirt is a woman's extra large and the black sleeveless vest is a woman's small (but I think it's mis-marked as it was huge on me). I've already started altering the black vest. It's a faux suede and easy to work with. I've removed the buttons, taken off the collar, and cut it off just above the pockets. All I really need to do now is take it in under the arms (about 2 inches on each side) and hem it and it will be done. The white shirt is going to be the bigger challenge. I just think the frilly front just screamed pirate to me. Obviously I'm going to shorten the sleeves and length but not sure what else beyond that. Still wondering if I should cut the collar down a bit or remove it completely. I have an idea of how to attach fake boots made of felt onto some pants but it seems my son has outgrown most of his long pants (it figures). A sash around the waist and a bandana on the head will complete the outfit. No hooked hand or eye patch for this 3 three year old. He already hurts himself enough without giving him weapons or making him half blind.


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