Thursday, October 31, 2013


There be a pirate in the house! 

Another halloween is in the books and so is another successful costume. It came together pretty quickly with the 2 thrift store items that I bought a few weeks ago. The most difficult task was altering the extra large woman's shirt to fit a 3 year old. I now know that I suck at reattaching sleeves. Oh well, it all worked out in the end. The pants were from his closet and I bought some red fabric for the sash.

My favorite part of the outfit was the hat. Since we'd gone on a Disney cruise at the beginning of this year we had some pirate bandanas. I could have left it at that but I wanted to give him a hat as well.  Some craft felt, a skull patch and some basic machine embroidery and voila ~ a cute pirate hat!

My son loved the costume (despite hating the various fittings that I inflicted upon him) and thoroughly enjoyed himself trick-or-treating!

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