We've Graduated to the Grown-up Table

Earlier this fall, we pulled the trigger on a new dining room table. It was long overdue and it's certainly a step up from our 14-year-old Ikea table. My husband and I kept joking that with this purchase we can finally be called grown-ups. When it's fully extended it seats 12 which is perfect for a family of 3. :)  But in all seriousness, it's exactly what we need since we've hosted Christmas every year since moving to Florida. And this year we're hosting Thanksgiving too.

The moment this table was delivered, I slapped some old and tattered placemats on it. It's really nice wood, and while it has that distressed rustic look, I want to protect it. Hence my desire to make some nice placemats that coordinate with the turquoise window treatments.

I wanted them to be durable so I used decor weight fabric and did some basic 1/2-inch straight line quilting. I've made 4 placemats so far and think I have enough fabric to make 2 more.

This is project #4 that was on my 2016 Finish Along for this quarter!


  1. Congrats on growing up! Funny how impending company can spark change and improvements. Best wishes for the holidays!

  2. It looks awesome! I still have the table that my parents had for about 25 years -- I got it when they finally got their "Grown Up" table. :)

  3. It looks great and I love the table runner, too. The chairs look really comfortable!

  4. table looks great and can imagine it when fully extended and loaded with Xmas food etc, I have recently got rid of mine as being on my own it never got used as I eat in the kitchen and now have room for the sewing machine cabinet in the lounge/diner

  5. Yes, a table for 12 sounds perfect for a family of three. :)


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