November's One Monthly Goal

November is one of my all-time favorite months. Nature's color palette of orange, rust, deep red, and brown always makes me smile. I think that is why orange is one of my favorite colors. I love decorating the house for fall, with bright orange mums and pumpkins everywhere. Unfortunately, here in Florida, we don't see all of those brilliant colors in nature. Lucky for me, though, when it comes to decorating for autumn nobody does it better than Disney.

Of course, this is also when I go into holiday prep mode, trying to finish all those handmade Christmas gifts and any holiday decorating projects that I want to complete. Since we are hosting Thanksgiving this year, I'd like to finish up some of those decor projects on my to-do list. An autumn table runner would be nice, but my priority is to get the last pelmet box made for our sliding glass patio door.

I purchased the rest of the fabric for this project but it's going to require a trip to the hardware store for some supplies. Here is a finished pelmet box over one of our narrow dining room windows.

If you recall, I made these boxes using foam core. The slider doorway is more than twice the size of these windows so I need to make it sturdier with a wooden frame. I also need to get clever and match up the pattern since the fabric width is only 60" wide. I've been procrastinating on this project for months, but now's the time for me to just suck it up and get it done.


  1. Lucky you for living close to Disney! Thanks for linking up with One Monthly Goal - good luck on your finish!

  2. Good luck Diana. This is one of those projects that take a little extra thought and thus get pushed aside. Now you have a motivation to finish it up. You'll be so glad when it is hung and the window looks finished!


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