Perfect Seams At Last

I've had my Baby Lock Symphony sewing machine for almost a year and a half now and would you believe I'm still learning things about it? My machine came with a quarter-inch foot that had a guide attached to it and I've posted before about how I'm not that fond of it.

While working on my triangle quilt I made a new discovery. Yes, I'm still working on it. I never claimed to be a fast quilter, I just wish I had something new to show you. Anyway, back to my discovery. I tried positioning my needle on the right side while using the right edge of the standard foot as my fabric guide.

See where the center line is on the clear plastic, and how my needle is just to the right?

Lo and behold, with that simple adjustment I was able to consistently get a quarter-inch seam! I wish I would have figured that out a year ago! It just goes to show that I still have more to learn.


  1. Yay for learning new tricks! I've had my machine for just over a year and I am still not sure that I know what thread she likes best for FMQing. All we can do is just keep sewing and keep learning. :)

  2. you know what they say never too old to learn. I discovered last week that my bernina cord stores inside the machine, there is a button on the back that winds it in, have had the machine for 21 years! If I had not seen someone else do it on theirs at the MQG would still not know about ti


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