One Year Blogiversary

First off, happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful moms out there. My weekend entailed a nice Mother's Day lunch at Disney's Polynesian Resort and a stroll through Magic Kingdom to get some yummy Dole Whip for dessert.

This weekend also happened to be the one year anniversary of when I started this blog. I hadn't realized it until I started participating in the 2014 New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop that Beth is hosting over at Plum and June. Had I planned ahead, I might have tried to host a giveaway or something but it sort of snuck up on me. Something that I am planning is revamping the look of this blog. I want to clean it up a bit and make it easier to read so consider this warning that it will continue to look different over the next few weeks until I get everything sorted out.

This week I am really hoping to get back into my sewing room. Wouldn't you know it, I finally have no deadlines and can sew at my leisure and I caught a nasty head cold that kept me out of commission all of last week.


  1. Congratulations on your one year blogiversary! I hope that you are feeling better and are able to find time to sew this week. :)

  2. Congratulations. Dole Whips are the bomb. We have Disney season passes and that is always the first stop we make. :) Happy Mother's day.

  3. congrats on your 1st anniversay, how the time flies when we are blogging, I really enjoy following you and your creations

  4. Happy anniversary! I am also in the new blogger discussion group, and am wondering what you will be cleaning up on your blog? It is already clear and easy to read...? Looks good to me! Disney for Mothers Day sounds like a great idea! Hope you had a wonderful day.


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