Blog of the Week

I was so thrilled when my good friend Shannon asked to feature me on her website Waits and Measurements as part of her Blog of the Week series. Shannon and I met back in 2000 - I hired her as my Assistant Stage Manager when I was still working in theatre as a professional stage manager. The moment I met her I knew she was the perfect person to work with, full of energy and a smile that was so incredibly infectious! Stage managing is a very stressful profession and Shannon always had a way of getting people to not take things so seriously and to just have fun. One of my biggest memories of her was that she was ALWAYS dancing... during rehearsals, backstage, everywhere! That's why it was no surprised that she started a blog about fitness and health and how to balance it with some good old fashioned family fun. She has inspired me to get outside with my little one and include him in my exercise endeavors instead of just keeping him on the sidelines. Definitely take the time to check out Shannon's blog Waits and Measurements. You won't regret it!