Nutty for handmade soaps

Coconut-y that is! I love, love, love handmade soaps - they're less drying, don't leave any residue on my skin, and they always smell fantastic! Usually I gravitate to the honey oatmeal, vanilla, or almond scents but when we took a trip to the Orlando farmer's market a few weeks ago I came across this delicious looking soap:

COCONUT! I love anything to do with coconut. My favorite tea is a black coconut (first discovered it on my honeymoon in Hawaii) and I love this coconut yogurt. I couldn't help but laugh after taking a closer look at the brand name and the saying on the back. I can't wait to try this once I finish up my current bar of soap. If you're feeling bold, check out their website - they have some very suggestive (yet funny) soap names.