Friday, May 23, 2014

Restoring Order

I admit that I like order in my life and that I'm a little OCD (excuse me while I wait a moment for those who know me well to stop laughing hysterically in a corner). Yes, I like all of my spices to be in the same type of glass jars, for my socks and shirts to be folded a specific way, and to have the canned goods lining up all nice and pretty. When things get chaotic, it causes me stress. When I get stressed, I want to organize things. Just ask my husband - when he sees me pulling everything out of the pantry to reorganize, he knows that something's up.

Well, my triangle quilt is causing me stress. Not enough for me to start pulling out the boxes of cereal but enough to make me stop sewing. With this quilt I've definitely learned that I'm just not a scrappy kind of girl. With 22 different fabrics in one quilt it's just too much chaos for me. I just wasn't sure what to do to fix the issue and tame down the chaos. Then I saw this Blogger's Quilt Festival entry by Beth from Plum and June. Anding some solid strips in between the rows of triangles - I think that could help restore some order to my quilt! You just never know where inspiration will strike. Since I already have a stack of 2 rows already sewn together I think I'll do 2 rows of triangles with a row of solid white in between. That way I can still show off the perfect points I've already sewn AND give my quilt a new makeover, one that will feel more structured to me. Who knows, maybe I have a modern flair in me after all!


  1. I sew (heh) know what you mean about order! I am glad you found a way to calm the quilt and I hope that it becomes a much more fun process to piece for you now!

  2. Smiled through your entire post - I am not a scrappy girl at all - I can relate :) Don't pull those cereal boxes out yet, it sounds like your plan will work well :)

  3. I think you plan is perfect. I like scrappy, but don't love it. I think some solid rows will give you eyes a place to rest. Take a couple of deep breaths and you'll be in a zen place soon.

  4. best of luck with adapting your triangles, sounds a good idea to me to break them up a bit with white., I know I was not happy with mine either.

  5. Perfect plan! I've also decided that I am NOT a scrappy kinda girl. I need order and aesthetic flow. Scrappy, unless extremely carefully planned out (does that immediately negate the term "scrappy"?), just don't do it for me. I think your plan is genius, though, and can't wait to see how it turns out!

    1. *just DOESN'T do it for me, since the "doesn't" refers back to the "Scrappy". Don't mind the "don't". Also don't mind my crazy grammar-geek reply comment. :)

  6. yay for solving problems! I love it when the answer comes to me. When you know, you know right?

  7. You and me both! I prefer to say I am super organized not OCD ;). Glad you got your sewing inspiration back and persevered through this quilt! I am looking forward to seeing pictures.


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