While waiting for my backing fabric to arrive for my cathedral window top, I took the opportunity to tackle my charity quilt project and whip this up into a quilt.

I was sewing along at top speed and all was going well, or so I thought. My first roadblock was the size. After sashing up all of these blocks (using Jayne's wonky block method over at Twiggy & Opal) the quilt was too small for the charity quilt requirements. Not wanting to go out and buy more fabric I tried to find something in my stash that would work for a border. The only thing that I could find that was doable was some orange batik. It's really bright but since the blue background was also a batik I figured I could get away with it. Besides, it's going to a charity for young children and brighter is better, right? :)   I decided to just run with it but I guess I ran a little too quickly.

It was when I was hanging it up to take this photo that I realized my mistake.

I don't know how I didn't catch this when I was ironing the entire thing, but yes, I somehow put one of the borders on backwards. It has since been fixed and now I just need to find some time to quilt it.

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  1. The cats are so cute! And good catch on the border... I am glad it was only one side!

  2. Kids=brighter is better. Some little one will absolutely love this quilt. I make some of my best mistakes when I get in a hurry.

  3. Oh at least I'm not the only one that has done this! Love the quilt! Mary

  4. I think the orange and blue look great.
    I bet you are happy you caught that boo-boo before quilting!

  5. I love the orange and the blue together. What a great happy quilt for a little person.

  6. I love these cats, and agree that the brighter the better! A fun finish!

  7. I really like the addition of the orange, it works well with the prints and the bright blue.


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