Reusable Snack Pouches

When I got my KamSnap tool I knew that there were 2 projects that I definitely wanted to tackle. The first was reusable kitchen cloths (my Unpaper Towels that I blogged about here). The second project was reusable snack bags.  I try really hard to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the trash when packing my son's lunch by using plasticware for most items. However, all those containers take up a lot more space in his lunch box than if I were to use plastic baggies. That's why I made these using food-safe PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) fabric for the lining and fun fabric scraps for the outside.

Both snack bags are plenty big for a small snack, like pretzels or goldfish crackers. The one on the right was my first test bag. I used decor weight fabric and used binding to enclose all the edges but it is a bit too bulky for my tastes.

The Star Wars snack bag on the left was made by sewing the right sides of the fabrics together, leaving a small opening for turning it right sides out and then topstitching all the way around. Then I just folded the bottom up to make the pocket and topstitched on both sides. I added 2 snaps on this one because it was a bit wider (about 7"). I'm sure you can guess which one my son prefers. :)

I've never sewn with PUL fabric before and there was a slight learning curve. I found it better to use a slightly larger stitch length (2.5 or 3) and it could NOT be face up, in direct contact with my presser foot. It stuck to the smooth surface of the presser foot and would not advance through my machine. I was afraid that I'd have the same problem with it facing down, but the feed dogs pulled it along with no problem. Since I have plenty of PUL leftover I'm sure I'll be making a few more of these with cute leftover fabric scraps.


  1. Good for you to help save the environment! Snack backs are a great idea. I've used PUL before and found the same issue with stitching. I've used tissue paper between my presser foot and the PUL and it tears away easily afterward.

  2. these have worked perfecty not cpme accoss goldfish crackers sounds interesting. Good to read the tip form Julie re the tissue paper too

  3. I found vinyl stuck to my presser foot sometimes too. Julie's tissue paper suggestion sounds a great idea and far less expensive than buying a Teflon foot.
    Hmm. I wonder which your son prefers. :)


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