Stash Bee Round-up

It's already April and I realized that I've not shown any of the blocks that I've made for Hive 3 in Stash Bee this year!  Here are the blocks that I've made thus far:

February blocks for Shari:

March blocks for Bonnie:

April block for Shauna:

I get so many great ideas for future quilts being a part of Stash Bee. So many quilts, so little time!


  1. I know what you mean about getting so many great ideas from the Stash Bee. It's why I love it - I get to sample lots of different blocks and styles but not be committed to finished lots and lots of quilts!

  2. I is fun to make blocks, I have a large plastic box that holds 12" ones as a reference, a good girl all labelled in case I want to do more. Yours are looking good have not made the one you have done for Shauna so will draft it out and have a go, would it be possible to have a name for it please.

  3. I love April's block! My plate was so full this year that my stash bee participation had to take a pause. There is always a pang of regret when I see all these beautiful blocks.


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