Spring Break Project

Spring break was low key in our household this year, with no real set plans. Lunch at a playground, a trip to the library, things like that. My goal was to finish up one of my quilts so whenever I had a spare moment, I'd spend it in my sewing room. You can imagine my delight when my 6 year old asked to make a quilt block to put up in his room.

We wasted no time and I gave him my bin of scrap strips and told him to pick out some fabrics that he liked. At first he was planning on a red and blue color scheme but before you know it, some bright yellow and an autumn print had been added to the mix. I had him stitch a few of the strips together and then he took it from there, wanting to cut it in half and then restitch it together. I did all of the cutting/trimming but he did all of the sewing.

Because he was too short to reach my foot pedal he used the start/stop button feature on Pearl, my portable Brother machine. By the time he was finished, he was sewing a pretty accurate quarter inch seam.  At one point he was stitching away on his project while I was quilting on Ruby, my Baby Lock Symphony, and he just thought that was cool.

When it came to quilting it, he wanted to try out some of the decorative stitches. I've only had Pearl for a few months and have never tried out any of the decorative stitches but it was very apparent after he tried out 2 of them that I need to calibrate my machine so that the designs come out right. But he didn't care that they didn't look the same as the picture, he was just happy to decorate it.

Once he decided that it was done, I trimmed it down for him and he picked out the binding fabric. The binding was the only portion that I sewed for him and once it was finished, he was very excited to hang it up above his bed.

If he decides he wants to continue making little projects like this, I'm happy to encourage it. Who knows, maybe once he's a bit older we can work together on a full size quilt for his bed. I think that would be cool. :)


  1. This is so neat. He did a fantastic job and I love how engaged he looks in each photograph.

  2. Awesome finish! Love seeing kids find their artistic skill in sewing. He should be very proud.

  3. What a great finish. He looks very proud and so he should. Well Done.

  4. a talented young man you have there and a eye for colour too. It would as you say be such fun to make a bed quilt together, can see him having fun with the embroidery stitches. My featherweight is called pearl and think maybe I will now name my newhome ruby could never come up with a name for her before

  5. What a beautiful little block, it looks great on his wall. My son (8 years old) also loves the decorative stitches on my machine :)

  6. It looks great, and he seems so pleased!

  7. That is so awesome! He sure looks proud, and he should be. He did a great job.


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