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It's hard to believe that we're already 4 months into the year already and it's time for me to write down my list of projects that I want to tackle for this next quarter as part of the Finish Along Project. I did a commendable job last quarter finishing up 4 of the 8 projects that I listed. I didn't expect to finish all 8 projects, that's just crazy talk, but it's always better to have a bigger list than to run out of projects. Given some of my newer commitments, some of the projects that were on the Q1 list have been taken off for this quarter.  Here's what I hope to accomplish:

1.  Wedding Table Runner 
My cousin is getting married and has selected Fiesta dinnerware for her kitchen so I want to make her a coordinating table runner using these fabrics. I'm not sure that the green is the right shade, so I might be swapping it out if I can find a better shade.

2. Quilt Mini for the Vegas Meets Orlando
This is my first mini swap ever (shocking, I know!) and I'm really excited. I know that I want to use this paper piecing pattern for the center focal point. The main fabrics that I've selected are these:

3. Pillows
I blogged about these earlier. Both of these blocks were made to test my Spanish Tiles block pattern. I want to make these into pillows to coordinate with my newly finished Turquoise Facets quilt.

4. Teacher Gift Basket 
This was on the Q1 list but I never got around to it. Since school will finish up in June, this is a must finish item.  Here are the fabrics that I'll use and this is my go-to basket pattern.

5. Mini Cathedral Wall Hanging
I need to test out a cathedral window shortcut pattern using 3.5" blocks before I make a bed runner for my parents' wedding gift. This mini will be using these fabrics that I've already cut out, plus a few more.

I'm pretty confident that I can complete this entire list this quarter so now it's time to get to it.


  1. Great fabric combinations on all.

  2. lots of lovely fabrics here, certainly turquoise stands out to me, wondering what the cathedral window short cut is good to have the squares cut, best of luck with these projects. Wonder if you will be able to resist other projects that pop up on line etc, I have told myself next year no BOMs but catch up on the other quilts i want to do

  3. Gosh, I love these fabric combinations. Your sense of color is wonderful. Very smart to already have the teacher gift on your to-do list. Good planning!

  4. I love all those cool colors pulled for your second quarter projects. I'm experimenting with making baskets, I will have to check out your go-to basket pattern. Good luck with your goals. I'm sure they will all be beautiful finishes.

  5. Everything looks beautiful Diana. I'm looking forward to see these projects finished.


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