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I really want to establish a weekly routine of sewing and in keeping with my 2016 goals that I posted previously, I want to get more projects done this year.  That's why I'm going to make a specific list of projects that I'm hoping to finish over the next 3 months and participate in the 2016 Finish Along. Hey, maybe even a few of you will join me!


1. Modern Quilt Guild name badge.
The block is done but I still need to quilt my name and some of the sewing machine details, then bind it.

2. Stash Bee 2015 Quilt.

3. DIY Pelmet Boxes
This sad photo depicts what will hopefully become a cute pelmet box to go over one of my dining room windows. If I can pull this off, I need to make 2.

4. Pinwheel Quilt.

5. Sewing Machine Pad
I like the idea of having a handy place for my small scissors, seam ripper, marking pencils, etc. Here's the fabric that I've picked out for this project.

6. Christmas Ornament Wall Hanging
I'm really hoping to stay ahead of the game and get a 38" x 18" wall-hanging finished so I can actually use it next year. Here's a link to my inspiration and here are some of my fabric pulls.

7.  Mini Cathedral Wall hanging
Before I cut into the fabric for my parent's cathedral window bed runner (fabrics seen here), I want to make a practice one with some scraps first. Plus, it will be something nice for me to hang in my sewing room.

8. Teacher Appreciation Gift
Instead of waiting until the last minute this year, I'd like get this out of the way a little earlier. For my son's kindergarten teacher I plan on making another One Hour Basket to fill with goodies. Here are some of the ones I've made in the past. Lucky for me, I only need to make one this year, instead of 4.

Given the various bee blocks I'll need to make and some of the other projects I need to start, I think that's plenty of things to finish up by the end of March!


  1. great list, I look forward to seeing your progress

  2. certainly some lovely projects here really liking the stash bee turquoise one very eyecatching. I could find lots of uses for the baskets

  3. Yes, that is plenty, and lots of great projects too.
    I love my sewing machine mat. The pockets in the front are so very handy. Have fun making yours.
    I confess that the pelmets are a bit frightening. I have made curtains that I am really proud of – big Laura Ashley patterns that match when closed, etc. – but PELMETS?! Eek!

  4. These are all great projects Diana. So many lovely blue fabrics. I just finished making 4 one hour baskets and will be posting them on TGFF tomorrow. They are really fun to make.

  5. I love the colors in your Stash Bee top. A Pelmet Box is a new one to me, but I like the idea. Maybe i should trade out the ugly green valence in my son's room.

  6. A busy quarter then for you. I love your 1hr baskets, they have been on my list to make.

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