A Friday Finish - MQG Name Badge

When I joined my local Modern Quilt Guild back in October, I saw so many cute name badges and I knew that I eventually wanted to make one for myself. Now that I've gotten proficient in paper piecing, I found this sewing machine pattern and made one.

The pattern was a bit small so I enlarged mine to 120% and my name tag is 5" x 5".  I left a bit of space so that I could put my Orlando MQG button on it and if I ever get a national MQG pin I can add that as well (our guild was out of them, so not sure how I go about getting one).

I used a variety of threads for the free motion embellishments (black Aurifil for the sewing machine details, Sulky yellow embroidery thread for the spool, and Isacord for my name). Since my husband attends various conferences and media events every year we have an abundance of lanyards in our house. I used 2 clips from an old lanyard to make my own.

Voilá! I cute little name badge for me to wear at our monthly quilt guild meetings. This is my first finished project for both Bee, Myself, and I and the 2016 Finish Along.


  1. Lovely finish! I especially like how your lanyard works with it; I think it looks comfortable and like it will be fun to wear at your meetings.

  2. That is so cute especially all of the tiny details in the sewing machine. Very nice! I got my pin when I joined the national MQG. I think you are able to join as a local MQG guild member at a reduced rate.

  3. such a good badge, our MQG made badges for each other christmas 2014, yours hangs so well having 2 lanyards mine tends to turn with just one but is circular so would be difficult to adapt. The lady I made one for obviously was not impressed as she never wears it, fortunately we did not know who made for each other

  4. that is so cute!!! I love all the little small details!!!!

  5. How tiny is that spool?!
    Now, the trick is remembering to take your fancy nametag to sewing meetings. That is where I fail. I am counting on you to remember!
    Husbands are handy as a source of lanyards. I find that too.

  6. Looks great! Bet it was a fun make! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts


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