Bee, Myself, and I

Even though I don't go crazy participating in a ton of quilting bees, I still seem to sew a lot of things for others and my own little projects tend to fall to the wayside. That's why I decided to join Carla from Granny Maud's Girl and participate in the Bee, Myself and I selfish sewing bee.

Each month I want to set time aside to work on a project that is just for me. It can be quilt blocks, wall hangings, embroidery work, whatever I decide as long as it's for myself. I have a variety of quilts in progress so I want my selfish sewing to be more about smaller projects.  Here is the list that I've made so far:

  • Modern Quilt Guild name badge
  • Sewing machine pad with pockets
  • 1 or 2 mini wall hangings for my sewing room
  • Holiday ornaments wall hanging
  • Sewing machine dust cover
  • Table runner or placemats (or both!)

I've already started 2 of these projects but unfortunately I've been hit hard this month with a cold and a recurrence of BPPV (vertigo). The worse of the symptoms have passed so I'm hoping to make some progress this weekend.


  1. I am glad the worst has passed and that you can have a wonderful weekend of fun sewing. :)

  2. I hope you will soon be well and back to being able to create for just yourself and others. This art we do is so good for our hearts and souls and our health. Just love it!!

  3. I hope you're feeling better soon. I love the idea of selfish sewing and am determined to concentrate on a lot more of it this year as I perpetually seem to be sewing for others and putting my own projects on the back burner. Looking forward to seeing your progress as you work through your list.

  4. sorry you are feeling under the weather and trust the vertigo has now gone and you are able to proceed with your list, I too have a sewing machine cover on my list well 3 really and wonder about the mat but the pockets I think would be in the way of legs as I still quite high up. It is nice people want you to make for them but as you say you need time for your own sewing too

  5. I hope you are feeling better soon as humanly possible. (And) that you can get onto your sewing.

  6. I think it is wonderful that you are taking the time to sew for yourself. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. So sorry to hear about the vertigo.
    Yay for selfish sewing!

  8. I am joining as well "Bee, Myself, and I". I am so glad you will be there too as I enjoy following your work.

    Sorry to hear about your health challenges. Hang in there.

  9. Do you have a tutorial for a name badge? I so want to make one!! Good luck selfish sewing, it's always nice to have some just for me projects :)


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