Quilty Little Secrets

If you've not seen this on some of the other quilting blogs, you're in for real treat. Amy over at 13 Spools made a post about her 10 Quilty Little Secrets and it spread like wildfire. It prompted so many others to chime in with their list that she opened up a link party just to share our confessions. Some of them are hilarious, my favorite so far being Shauna's number 10 (I won't spoil the surprise, you have to click over to read it!).

I've decided to add my own little secrets to the list. You can find the others here.

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE polka dots! Nothing makes me happier.
  2. Like so many others have confessed, I too, iron. Pressing is for sissies and triangle blocks cut on the bias. Then it's okay.
  3. I don't understand the craze for the Cotton + Steel fabrics. They're okay but I don't feel the need to possess any.
  4. I don't like appliqué. I'll do it if it's the best choice for a project but it's usually my last choice.
  5. I have an addiction to Mary Ellen's Best Press. I have no idea what's in it, but I love it.
  6. I'm not a big fan of scrappy or wonky. Correction - I can tolerate scrappy but wonky drives me nuts.
  7. I cringe whenever I see the word Accuquilt. Maybe because it's a tool I know I can never afford (or justify the expense) but if I see that it's a pattern or project made using one, I tend to stop reading.
  8. I really want to try glue basting but I'm chicken (and I don't have a super fine tipped applicator).
  9. I have attachments and accessories to my sewing machine that I have NO IDEA how to use.
  10. I've been known to sell my son's discarded toys and outgrown clothing and use the money to buy fabric.


  1. Oh, I love your #9 and #10! These lists are freeing and fun. I am glad you wrote yours down, too. :)

  2. I am with Yvonne! Numbers 9 and 10 had me in stitches laughing. There are mystery gadgets in the box that came with my machine and I have no idea what they are for.

  3. have seen quite a few guilty secrets and cotton and steel seem to have appeared on most of them, I so agree re gadgets for the machine, like all the fancy stitches never use them

  4. great list, I have to agree with #4, #8 and #10. I will be very interested to see if you do glue baste, so let us know if you do.

  5. I don't know what my sewing attachments are either and have yet to figure out how to use the button hole one. Too frustrating!

  6. chuckling over #1 and #10
    I love polka dots too. LeeAnna at lapaylor.blogspot.com

  7. I am with you all the way on #1 and #9 .. maybe I should read my sewing machine manual and figure out what all these feet do!


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