Turning Over a New Leaf

I haven't gotten much quilting done in the last week due to some unexpected circumstances. A few weeks ago I had to have my car towed from our house because it was leaking transmission fluid. Somehow a hose had dislodged itself and gone missing, resulting in needing an entirely new transmission put it. Thank goodness I was the original owner of the car and it was covered under the 100,000 mile power train warranty so the only thing out of pocket was the tow. Given the car's age and some of the upcoming work that would need to be done, my husband and I started thinking that maybe it was time to get a new car. We are a Pruis loving family - we're currently on our 2nd one. I personally love the idea of an all-electric car to reduce our carbon footprint, but getting an EV with a long mileage range is just not in our budget right now. Luckily all of my driving is short range and thanks to the mad negotiation skills of my husband, we now have a shiny new Nissan Leaf!

We're leasing it for 2 years to see how we do with an all-electric vehicle. The range is only about 80 miles before needing to be plugged in so we won't be taking this on any long trips. We always use the Prius for that anyway. But it's perfect for trips back and forth to work, school, the grocery store, and the various parks. And it needs to be mentioned that it is SO FUN TO DRIVE! Can't stop smiling whenever I'm behind the wheel. :)


  1. happy driving, doesn`t the car switch over to petrol when the battery is dead, we were in an electric taxi a few weeks ago which did that and whilst running on petrol the battery recharges then switches back to battery sounds a good idea to me

  2. It's 100% electric, no combustion engine at all.


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