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I'd like to introduce you to a new quilting community website called QuiltLoop. When I started quilting 2 years ago, I wanted a way to track my progress on my various quilts. What was that charm pack that I used? How many yards did I initially purchase of that cute kangaroo print and where did I buy it? What is the exact color of this thread I'm using to quilt with? What pattern is it and what online tutorial did I use? These are all the things that I was trying to remember on a project. Multiply those same details on several projects and I was getting my details confused pretty quickly.

I tried to keep a journal in a notebook but that didn't work out well. I don't know about you, but I find it very tedious trying to manually write out websites. I figured there had to be something online that I could use. Yes, I like to share updates about my projects on my blog, but I don't necessarily blog about every single detail. That's when my husband Jeff got curious about quilting. Up until that point, I think he and I both made the incorrect assumption that quilting was mainly just a grandmother's hobby. He discovered that the world of quilters spanned generations and more and more quilters were under the age of 40 and grew up in the computer age. That got him wondering what quilting resources were out there for people like me who want to track details online. That's when he suggested that we build a site. Lucky for me, Jeff likes to do this sort of thing.

It is by no means a polished site. We're beta-testing and it's just the bare bones right now. That's because we need to get users to put up some projects and provide feedback on what's working, what's not working, and how they envision using it to help them with their quilting projects. Once we get a better understanding of how people will use the site, then we can start adding features.

Here is an example of my Home for the Holidays project on the site. Each project is in a journal format. Once you create a project, putting in the basic details (like project name, description, type of project, and start date), you can then create journal entries to make detailed notes, reminders (very helpful when modifying a pattern or block), add photos, etc.

So check out QuiltLoop and sign up for an account. We'd love to know what you think and have you join us on this new adventure! You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. this sounds a great idea, went to join but got stuck on the time zone was not sure what to do as the UK was not there,

  2. Sorry about that. We don't have all countries in the system and I just learned that UTC is the same as Greenwich Meantime. That's definitely not going to be obvious to most people (especially quilters who aren't computer coders). For now, just choose any time zone and once we get that figured out, you can easily change it in your profile later.

  3. This looks interesting...going to check it out!


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