A Penny Saved...

... is a penny I can use on quilting supplies! Val over at Val's Quilting Studio is hosting a spare change challenge and I've decided to participate. The rules are simple: designate something to be your piggy bank, decide what you want to buy, and start saving! Here is my change tin. I think I've had this thing since high school which would make it at least 25 years old.

I've decided to save for a Supreme Slider for my machine and any money left over will go toward my local quilt shop's annual blowout sale on July 4th. This is an amazing sale where they discount everything in the store (excluding machines) 40%, even clearance items that are already 50% off. This past week I got some great fabric at 90% off! I can't wait until next year's sale so this is perfect timing.

How about you, want to penny-pinch with me?


  1. A friend loves her slider mat thingy. It sounds like you will get a lot of use out of it when you have saved up for it.

  2. Diana...you little tin is adorable..love that you've held on to it since you were young!Thanks fo r joining the challenge.

  3. Hi Diana - the Supreme Slider in my opinion really makes a difference and is well worth having.
    The idea is lovely, but what I really want is an APQS long-arm quilter. I don't think I've got a tin or container large enough to hold all the pennies for that - nor enough life left to give me enough time to save them!!!

  4. Oh this is great! My grandmother aways said watch your pennies and someday they will watch you. Might have to change that to dollars these days, but the meaning is there. Good luck in your savings :)

  5. Yup I'm penny pinching along. :) Great goal you have for using your money.


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