Quilting Gameplan

Thanks for all the wonderful ideas on what to do for the quilting of my latest project. This is what I finally decided on:

I'm going to do the orange peel curves in the triangle sections using an aqua colored thread. I forgot that I had that color and it goes really well with the lighter blues and matches my backing fabric perfectly. For the large white sashing, I'm going to use white thread and make concentric swirls creating a few triangles in the negative space. I really liked how the white broke up the visual pattern of the triangles. I think if I would have used the aqua thread, I would have lost that visual feature.

I started quilting it yesterday, starting with outlining (meaning stitch in the ditch) the large triangle sections. I've opted to use my walking foot for this since this quilt is so big and heavy. I'm already wrestling with it quite a bit even with several tables to support the weight. I hope I can keep my free motion quilting smooth with all that bulk.


  1. aqua and white sound good and the design you are using looks just the job for the quilt

  2. Diana, this is an awesome plan! Can't wait to see it quilted up! I find if I 'bunch up' the quilt that is surrounding the machine it makes it have way less drag. I think Leah Day calls it 'pooling' the quilt. It means repositioning a good amount but helps immensely with eliminating the drag.

  3. I like the plan for the sashing strips - great idea to leave some triangles in there!

  4. I hope it is all going well and to plan. I hate wrestling the bulk though the machine.

  5. If only I had somewhere to travel to! These are a great idea, thanks for the inspiration


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