Where'd My Comments Go?!

When I started this blog Google+ was already in full swing, but I was never quite clear as to the purpose of it. As far as I can tell, it just seems to cause more problems, like reverting my own profile to a no-name blogger and restricting people from leaving comments. The only thing that has kept me from ditching Google+ is losing all of my comments from all of you wonderful readers! Yep, if you look back through my posts now you won't see any comments and that makes me sad but I think this blog will be better off in the long run.

Farewell Google+. I don't think you'll be missed at all...


  1. It's a shame. Good luck! Keep on blogging sister!

    1. Thanks Lisa! BTW, you show up as a no-name blogger so people can't respond directly to any of your comments. (I'm a pro at fixing this so I can walk you through it if you want!)

    2. Shannon, you are definitely coming up as a no-name blogger so I can't respond directly to you by email. Here's my original blog post on how to fix it: http://reddeliciouslife.blogspot.com/2013/06/no-reply-blogger-beware.html

  2. Man, I could write a novel on this....I even kind of did.... http://theboredzombie.com/2013/07/blogger-users-you-need-to-read-this-google-may-identify-you-as-a-spammer-thats-bad.html

    In general, this isn't something I'd expect everyone to run into, but if you're a heavy commenter like I am, you can probably expect google to dump you in the "false positive" spammer bucket which is what switches you to a no-reply blogger and can lock your account. I would think google is better at distinguishing spammers from heavy commenters, but as it turns out - not so much. I usually have to un-do mine every few weeks. I'd give a body part for blogger to better integrate with other accounts so I can completely move off the platform. Oh well - life is never perfect. :)

  3. Join the club Diana! I decided to keep my Google+ account but just not have it as my profile on my Blog and that seems to be working fine. This way I can still sign in to Google+ and see what's happening in my circles plus my photos are all safe too. Mind you, it's early days! who knows what might happen!

  4. I do not understand google + but it seems I have to belong to add comments to some blogs. Sometinmes the comments box does not open but then it does another day! Have also heard that sometimes people cannot comment on my blog. I have not added any friends though to + as I do not know what it is about!!! feel I am swimming in the dark. How did you get rid of it by the way


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