Balancing Act

When working on a quilt sampler that has no 2 blocks alike, you have to perform a balancing act. You need to balance colors, prints, and scale. Up until now I thought I've done pretty well with it on my accuracy quilt but with this last block I goofed and had to redo it in order to balance everything out. Here is what the block looked like when I first completed it:

I was focusing on the blocks to the left and right of the current lesson and completely forgot about what was below it. Here's what it looks like in the mockup:

Wouldn't you know it, I had 2 of the same fabrics against one another. I suppose I could have left it but the perfectionist in me would have been bothered every time I looked at it so I got out Jack (the seam ripper) and made a slight modification. Here's the new block with the purple violet fabric swapped out:

It looks much better with the other blocks around it, don't you think?