3rd Time's A Charm

This past week's lesson in the Accuracy Quilt Along seemed straightforward and easy. Who knew that I'd have to redo it 3 times before I was happy with it. We've only got a few more lessons before we finish the quilt top and it's getting trickier to balance out the fabric selections. The quilt pattern actually calls for 24 fat quarters (about 6 yards) of coordinating fabric plus 3 yards of contrast fabric (white in my case). Since I didn't buy a specific fat quarter bundle, I opted for some yardage in my stash. I also didn't choose 24 different prints. I have half that many: 6 blues, 6 purples, and only 2 greens (I might have to mix in a 3rd for some of the small border blocks, I'm not sure yet). The limited palate has definitely made this more challenging.

This lesson consisted of 3 friendship star blocks, which I called throwing stars because they remind me of ninja stars. Here was my first attempt. I liked the 3 different colors for the center block but the middle violet fabric had too much white and you couldn't see the star very well.

For my second attempt I switched to a lighter purple fabric. The hue was similar to the block on the right so I decided to place the blue fabric in the middle. That worked out better but now I don't like the green square in the center.  Grrrrr...

My final redo involved swapping out the green center for a navy blue center. That balanced out the 2 outside stars and highlighted the deep purple on the center star.

Whew! Now to add the white sashing in between and I can get on with lesson #12 now.