Scrappy Strip Blocks

Pinterest has been such a great source of inspiration for me as a new quilter. I love just plugging in the word "quilts" to see what comes up. Other than my food boards, my quilting board has the most pins! A couple of months ago I pinned this photo from Lynn at The Little Red Hen:

It's her Garden Window Quilt. Isn't it just adorable! And making strip blocks are so EASY! I love that you can whip some together without have to precisely measure each strip. The moment I saw this I knew I wanted to make one so I've been saving scraps from my various projects and whenever I have a nice sized pile I'll piece together a few blocks. So far I'm up to 25. Not sure how big of a quilt I'm going to make yet but I have lots of time to decide that. I tried to get a good photo of the blocks this morning but no matter how hard I tried, my furry little buddy Oliver was determined to get in on the act so I just gave up and let him lay there.