No-Reply Blogger Beware!

I'm still pretty new at navigating the waters of keeping a blog on Blogger, having switched over from my old blog back in May. Once I got everything up and running I decided to combine my blogger profile with Google+ and that's where my unknown troubles began. I'd heard about people being "No Reply Bloggers" but I didn't think I fell into that category. Little did I know! Thanks to Beth over at Plum and June - she already had my contact information and was so kind to contact me letting me know that I was one of those no-reply bloggers!

Thankfully a solution to my problem was only a few clicks away, once I knew what to do. I tried researching my issue through Blogger Help and Google+ but nothing seemed to address it. After doing a more extensive internet search I came across this wonderful post from Robin at Fluster Buster. It was so helpful and now my comments are no longer a dead-end! Hopefully this can help someone else too!


  1. Thank you very much for the info. I had no idea I was a no-reply... I didn't even know it was something to check on until our group...


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