Overwhelmed with the Blogging Community

When I logged onto my computer Friday morning and went to my blogger home page I almost spilled my tea when I saw the number of hits on my little ol' blog. Over 500 views and climbing and it was barely 7am! I couldn't figure out what was going on until I opened blog lovin' and started reading through my favorite blogs. Lo and behold, Karen at Sew Many Ways surprised me by featuring me on her wonderful blog! Her loyal readers have shown me and my blog so much love it was overwhelming. I'm sure that 95% of my readers are already fans of Karen's, but for the one or two who aren't, please be sure to check it out. You won't be sorry. I'm still digging through all of her great posts and as a new blogger I'm loving her entire section on blogging tips. It's been invaluable!  This experience has reaffirmed my decision to start my blog and to be more connected with the blogging community. THANK YOU!