Sunday, July 06, 2014

Wash Out

Since my tree skirt met with an unfortunate feline incident I had to wash it before putting it away in storage with all of the other holiday decorations. Given the amount of red fabric in this project, I knew there was the potential for color bleed which is why I doubled up on using color catchers in the washing machine. I won't wash a new quilt without them - they are a quilter's best friend (at least this quilter since she doesn't pre-wash her fabrics)! Check out the burgundy color! So glad I used two.

Here's something else that came out in the wash - the writing on my label.

It's only the 3rd time that I've hand written my label, using a Micron Archival Ink pen. They're supposed to be waterproof and the manufacturer even notates its usage on fabrics. I used it on my Brown Bear Quilt and washed that one before gifting it and don't recall having this issue. I also used it on my Tonga Treats table runner but I never washed that one so I hope it doesn't do the same thing.


  1. Try a Pentel Gel Roller Pen for Fabric. They work just like a regular pen, but don't bleed or wash out.

  2. What with the unwell kitty and now the disappearing label, you are not having much luck! Thank goodness those colour catchers worked. I have never seen them in the shops here, but then I haven't looked!

  3. I am so glad that the washing went well with your color catchers! And man, I almost had cat puke on the backing for my new project quilt yesterday afternoon. At least I was able to throw him off of it in the nick of time. Naughty animals. :/

  4. like you I am a colour catcher fan, sometimes the colour does not run but more often than not it does, would have been horrendous if after all your hard work your skirt had got spoilt with the running

  5. Do you heat set the Micron? I usually do and haven't noticed any fading. Though, just now when I looked it up, I did find a note that says not to launder... Maybe the pens aren't as good as we all think.

  6. Never used a pen on my quilts I usually embroider the details on. This "skirt" is causing some trouble! Although its absolutely beautiful :)


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