Seattle Showers

With everything that's been happening at work, it's been quite a while since I'd posted anything quilting related but I'm happy to say that I'm getting back into a groove and have a finish to share.

This is a quilt for my brother and his wife that I'm calling Seattle Showers. Since the fabric line is actually April Showers by Bonnie and Camille, I think I'm being clever since the recipients live in Seattle. (I know I'm not that clever, but please don't burst my bubble. 😊)

I really enjoyed quilting this even if I had some struggles with my machine. It didn't seem to like my backing fabric. I used Freefall by Tula Pink and it almost has a sateen quality to it. For some reason, it made adjusting my tension more difficult. I also encountered a needle detection error and after that, whenever I got halfway through a bobbin (I was using magna-glide bobbins), the bobbin thread would jam. I've thoroughly cleaned my machine and I'm hoping that the issue has resolved itself. Here's a close-up of the backing so you can see the quilting detail:

This is a belated Christmas gift that I will be giving my brother and his wife when their family is visiting from Seattle this week.


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  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! April Showers is one of my favorite lines. :D

  2. Glad to see you back in action. I totally understand the name! DH and I have made numerous trips to the Seattle area, including our honeymoon in 1981. I used that TP back on a quilt for GS-2 and his bride; if the quilter had a problem with it, she didn't mention it.

  3. Even in Australia we know that Seattle is well known for its rain!
    I wonder what gremlins caused your quilting problems. The end result is so lovely that no one would know you had any difficulty along the way.

  4. I like the name, I think it's clever! This looks great and your quilting is amazing!!!

  5. Can't tell by looking that there was quilting trouble. Looks good. I like that pattern--have a beginning (currently in time out) of one somewhat like it.


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