Pulse Charity Drive Update & A Finish

If you've followed my Instagram feed you'll notice that 90% of my posts since June have all been related to Pulse quilts. It's not that I haven't done other things but that has definitely been the priority right now.

Curious as to how it's going? Well, prepare to be blown away. It's amazing the generosity of so many quilters around the world. So far the Orlando guild is in possession of about 250+ finished quilts and that doesn't include the 150 that are in the works and the many individual heart blocks that are arriving every day.

Alissa, the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild president, with all of the quilts so far.
All the members in my guild also deserve a shout-out. A super efficient system was put into place in order to get these quilts done. It goes something like this:
  • Blocks arrive in the mail and a few members pick them up and make them into kits - some with 15 heart blocks, others with 30.
  • Other members piece the blocks into tops and then return those.
  • These tops are then put into quilting kits, with appropriate sized batting and backings for other members to quilt
  • Quilted tops are then divvied up to those members who offered to bind quilts. 
This doesn't include all the members who have sewn together backings, made bindings, sewn together batting scraps, etc. It's just amazing what's been accomplished over the last 6 weeks.

My contribution to the group effort has been a few different jobs. I pieced together a few backings, pieced 30 heart blocks into a top, quilted a 2nd top, and put the bindings on half a dozen others.

3 quilts that I helped finish.
Of course I have to include the finished quilt that I made. It was my top priority on my Q3 Finish Along list and I was super excited to be able to quilt it on a long arm machine too.

Don't you just love a happy little quilt pile? :)


  1. It warms my heart to see that pile of quilt! Hopefully, my quilt will be on it's way to you guys within the next week or two. I will find out Monday if my guild members have blocks to send as well.

  2. I do love a happy little quilt pile - and oh my, 250+ quilts with maybe that more yet to be finished? WOW! Thank you and your guild for all your hard work.

  3. Fantastic! What an amazing effort. They are gorgeous and will be much loved I'm sure.

  4. A fantastic result for such a tragedy . Those quilts will be well loved

  5. That first photo is just amazing! The community of quilters is so awesome. Thanks so much for sharing what's going on behind the scenes.

  6. Wonderful, I am glad it is coming together! Hat's off to all of the volunteers helping to pull things together. So when and how are you going to distribute those?

  7. It's a wonderful, kind thing to do and as you know, quilters are wonderful and kind! Right after Sandy Hook happened, I said to several people - the truth is, people are mostly good - we only hear about the bad. I believe that LOVE WINS! That has become my motto since then. Because I really, truly KNOW that it is true. Thanks for your hard work. And love.

  8. Love Wins indeed! What a wonderful response to a tragedy, huge congratulations to everyone involved!

  9. 250, holy smokes. That is awesome. So happy that your guild has taken on this effort. All the families are going to be super impressed with their finished quilts. Nice work Orlando :)

  10. I've been following (and posting) on IG. I love seeing all the finished quilts (including mine in the first photo!)

  11. Awesome post Diana: Love does win!

  12. Hooray!
    What an incredible outpouring of love and creativity and teamwork! Thank you for organizing and channeling our efforts- what a giant gift to see everyone's beautiful quilts! I'm excited to add mine to that big olé pile of goodness.
    Love wins and shines more love into our friendly universe....yes!
    In delight, love and gratitude

    1. Frances, thank you so much for your kind words. The generosity of the quilting community is the reason we have so many quilts. We're happy that we'll now be able to give a quilt to anyone that was in the club that evening and probably all the first responders and hospital personnel that treated the wounded.

  13. Awesome work by your guild, how fantastic! Thanks for participating in the 2016 FAL on behalf of the global hosts 😀


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