The Need to Diet

The time has finally come -- I need to go on a fabric diet. I've been quilting for about 4 years now and my stash has grown to the point where I need to start using more of the fabrics I have on hand. Since January I've had quite a few fabric acquisitions --

Our local MQG had a fabric auction which is where I got most of the yardage, all of which is a yard or more (some are 5 yards worth!) The 2 small bundles were gifts from Benartex for promoting their new Emagazine, the middle bundle is a Pepper Cory Brushstrokes fat quarter bundle that I purchased through Massdrop, and the Fat Quarter Shop package is the Sherbert Grunge Basics Grey Bundle that I won from Melissa Corry at Happy Quilting.

The photo above doesn't include the yardage that was still in transit that arrived just this week:

On top of my 4 (or is it 5? correction -- it's 8!) layer cakes, 2 jelly rolls, and another unopened fat quarter bundle, I need to stop buying fabric and start sewing with it. So unless the fabric is needed for backing a quilt, there will be no more fabric purchases until further notice.


  1. But it's so much fun to BUY fabric! Feeling the same way about my stash. It's gotten to a point its just overwhelming! I cannot wait to see what you make with these beauties.

  2. I try to sew my stash as much as possible, too, but it continues to grow. I sometimes feel like is a sentient being of its own. LOL

  3. I totally support your fabric diet. I have quite a bit right now that I need to use up as well. It seems to accumulate so quickly! Good luck with your plan. 😊

  4. I think we all suffer from too much fabric I sorted mine the other day and have 268 metres in half and full metre or more lengths! Need to go on a weight diet as well as fabrc

  5. Yeah, I'm always amazed when I look through my stash and see how much fabric I have. Chels is right, though -- it's fun to buy! Whenever I can, I try to buy fabric as gifts, and I purchase raffle items for my guild. That tends to get the need to make purchases out of my system. : )

  6. I bought that Brushstrokes bundle from Massdrop too. My diet ended at Easter and I have been binging since. :( No time to sew but plenty of time to buy. Doesn't make sense, right?


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