May Is For Makers

By now I'm sure you've heard about the May Is For Makers movement that Lindsey at LRStitched started. Supporting independent artisans is important to the advancement of creativity. Lindsey pointed out that we take for granted so much of what is free on the internet and, as a result, it has skewed our perception of what something is worth. Her proposal was to support an independent pattern maker each week in the month of May.

I've enjoyed seeing what everyone else has purchased throughout the month and I thought I'd share what I've added to my sewing room. I'm a little behind but I've made 2 purchases so far:

1)  Terrazzo Paper Pieced Pattern by Lee of Freshly Pieced.

2) Acrylic Rulers from Kelly Cline. I've been wanting to try using rulers with my DSM and I discovered these thanks to Stephanie at Late Night Quilter, who also purchased them as part of May is for Makers.

Not sure what my other purchases will be yet, but it's fun looking at all the wonderful offerings!


  1. liking the pattern you have purchased hope to see it made soon no pressure.

  2. Yes it is true that we forget the value of things when we get so much for free. it is fun looking for patterns. That's a beautiful pattern you have there Diana...and the rulers look interesting as well.

  3. Thanks so much for the shout out and order, Diana!!! I think you'll love them!


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