Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday Stash - Black Friday Edition

When I was younger, my Dad and I used to go out shopping on Black Friday. We'd do a bit of shopping and then have lunch together. It was a relaxing father-daughter outing. It was also 20 years ago before it was this over-commercialized frenzy of shoppers half crazed to get a good deal. Now, I avoid Black Friday shopping like the plague unless it's from the comfort of my living room.

I don't recall buying anything at all last year, but this year I just couldn't resist some good quilty bargains. My big purchase were these Bella and Kona solids: Bella Celery, Kona Tarragon, Kona Gold, Bella Pond, Kona Chestnut, Kona Teal Blue, and Bella Snow.

These are going to be for a cathedral window bed runner that I'm making for my parents.  Here is the inspiration photo that my step-mom gave to me. I used the Palette Builder from Playcrafts to help me pick my fabric colors.

The fabrics above are actually much closer to the colors in the photo but when I would try to  color correct the blues in my photo it made the gold look very orange and the chestnut much darker than it really is. I think they're going to look great together.

I also couldn't resist picking up this 3-pack of aurifil thread for $10. I threw in a half yard of this vintage linen postscript fabric to make it worth the cost of shipping.

Last but not least, I picked up a half yard of Angela Walter's Drawn fabric in the sorbet colorway for no other reason than it's so pretty. The other 2 fabrics I plan to use for bindings. The dark teal and black one will be for my Stash Bee quilt once I get it quilted. I don't have a specific quilt in mind for the chevron one yet but I love the look of chevron bindings.

I've seen others put themselves on a fabric diet and while I don't think I need to go that far, I'm definitely set with fabric purchases for quite some time.


  1. I was going to resist the sales, but I ended up browsing Fiddlehead's site and bought a pretty floral for my 2016 hand-pieced project. Then, as you say, I had to add stuff to the parcel to make shipping worthwhile. It is still on its way, so I have a lovely treat to look forward to.
    I adore the sorbet fabric. Orange is pushing all the right buttons for me at the moment.

  2. Oh, what a beautiful inspiration image and pull for your parents. I think that color grouping is going to look wonderful together and I like that you are using solids. It is going to be such a crisp and clean quilt!

    I did well to avoid buying anything, but seeing all the wonderful solids people picked up at great prices is making me wish I had!

  3. some great buys here, the Cathedral window runner will look wonderful

  4. I need to get more solids...maybe next year. I like the fabrics for your parents bed runner.

  5. Great buys, I love the solid colors you picked out for the bed runner.

  6. I find myself very drawn at the moment to solids, probably the less is more thing after the madness of Christmas! Your step mum's colour palette looks very restful. Lovely


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